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Island Upcycling

Two Solid Recycling Storage Benches

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If you really want your recycling bags and caddy’s out of sight this is the one for you, built with finished  timber these units have solid fronts and sides. wWen the lid is closed your recycling is safe from the weather and animals and out of sight.

Set of two Benches to manage all your recycling system, these benches are sold separately or as a pair.

Designed to hold large recycling bags and all Caddies, environmentally friendly, no plastic, make your life easier, bags are held open in the bench for easy sorting of your recycling. No more wind blowing rubbish around, keeps animal and pets from your recycling, also gives you an extra seating bench.

Size both benches are the same size

Width 124cm

Height 52cm

Depth 52cm

delivery available


♻️. Treated ✔️
♻️. 18mm finished timber very strong✔️
♻️. Environmentally friendly✔️
♻️. Weather Resistant✔️
♻️. Child,Pet and Animal safe✔️
♻️. Hand Built in Barry✔️
♻️. Delivery Available ✔️