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Two Recycling Storage Benches with EPDM rubber lids

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**Two Recycling Benches with EPDM-Covered Lids**

Keep your recycling dry and neatly stored away with our premium recycling benches, expertly designed for both function and aesthetics. Each bench is carefully crafted using 17mm finished timber, ensuring durability and strength for everyday use.

**Key Features:**
- **Weatherproof Design:** The lids are covered with EPDM, a material renowned for its excellent resistance to environmental factors including UV rays, ozone, and general weathering. This makes our benches perfect for outdoor settings.
- **Capacity:** Designed to accommodate standard council recycling bags and caddies, these benches ensure a perfect fit for your recycling needs, keeping materials dry and secure.
- **Aesthetic and Functional:** With solid fronts and sides, these benches offer an elegant solution to hide recycling out of sight. When closed, the lids protect against weather and animals, while maintaining a tidy exterior.
- **Dual Functionality:** Not only do these benches serve as a storage solution, but they also double as extra seating areas, adding functionality to your outdoor space.
- **Dimensions:** Each bench measures 124 cm in width, 52 cm in height, and 52 cm in depth, providing ample space for your recycling needs without taking up too much room.
- **Environmentally Friendly:** Built with no plastic components, our benches are an eco-conscious choice for managing your recycling.
- **Local Free Delivery:** We offer free delivery to local customers in Barry, making it easier for you to receive your bench without any hassle.

**Purchase Options:**
- Available both individually or as a set of two, these benches can be tailored to your specific recycling and space requirements.

Add a touch of elegance and functionality to your outdoor area with our hand-built, strong, and environmentally friendly recycling benches. Whether you're combating windy days or keeping curious pets away from the recycling, our benches provide a practical and stylish solution. Crafted in Barry, these benches are a local, sustainable choice for enhancing your home's recycling system.