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Island Upcycling

Package: Triple Decker Package with separate black bag store.

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It sounds like you're describing two different types of storage units, both designed to make handling waste and recyclables more convenient and tidy, particularly suited for the Vale of Glamorgan area. Here’s a clearer breakdown of each product based on your description:

### Triple Decker Recycling Unit
- **Purpose**: Designed to store recycling materials. Ideal for segregating different types of recyclables such as paper, plastics, and metals. Orange, Blue, and White - t
- **Features**:
- **EPDM Lid**: Helps protect contents from the elements (such as rain or snow) and animals.
- **Three-Bag Storage**: Allows for efficient use of space and helps keep different types of recyclables separate.
- **Dimensions**:
- **Width**: 124 cm
- **Depth**: 52 cm
- **Height**: 104 cm
- **Benefits**: Simplifies recycling, keeps area tidy, and prevents pests from accessing the materials.

### Black Bag Storage Unit
- **Purpose**: Used for storing general waste or "black bags" in a discrete and secure manner.
- **Features**
- **EPDM Lid**: Secures the bags and prevents animals from getting into the waste. Also shields the bags from weather conditions.
- **Dimensions**:
- **Width**: 124 cm
- **Depth**: 52 cm
- **Height**: 52 cm
- **Benefits**: Keeps black bags hidden from view, thus enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space, and secures waste from animals and weather.