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Double Decker with EPDM covered Waterproof lid. Cardiff

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**Double Decker Recycling Unit with EPDM Waterproof Lid**

Looking for an effective way to manage your recycling while keeping it dry and secure? Our Double Decker Recycling Bench is the ideal solution for you, especially designed for compliance with Cardiff Council's new recycling requirements. This bench is a must-have for efficient and clean recycling management.

**Key Features:**

- **Waterproof Lid:** The lid is covered with EPDM, a durable rubber material known for its excellent resistance to environmental factors including general weathering, ozone, and UV rays, making it perfect for outdoor use.

- **Space-Saving Design:** Ideal for those with limited space, this bench features a double-decker design allowing large recycling bags to be stored on top while caddies are neatly organized underneath.

- **Material Quality:** Constructed with 17mm finished timber, this strong unit withstands the test of time and remains environmentally friendly as it uses no plastic.

- **Functional and Secure:** Prevents the wind from scattering recyclables, keeps animals and pets away from your recycling materials, and allows for easy sorting with bags held open for convenience.

- **Dimensions:**
- Width: 124cm
- Height: 104cm
- Depth: 52cm

**Additional Advantages:**
- ♻️ Treated for additional durability.
- ♻️ Environmentally friendly design.
- ♻️ Weatherproof to withstand the worst conditions.
- ♻️ Safe for children, pets, and wildlife.
- ♻️ Hand-built in Barry, ensuring quality and craftsmanship.
- ♻️ Free delivery available in and around Barry (please contact us for delivery quotes to other areas or for collection options from Barry Island).

Whether you’re looking to streamline your recycling process or need a reliable way to keep your recyclables dry and organized, our Double Decker Recycling Unit is the perfect choice. Equip your home or office with this robust and practical recycling solution today and contribute to a cleaner environment effortlessly.