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Package: Double Decker with a Black Bag Store

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**Product Description: Double Decker Recycling Bench with Waterproof Lid**

Optimise your recycling efforts with our Double Decker Recycling Bench, tailored for compatibility with all council recycling requirements. This unit is the perfect addition to any household or business aiming for efficient and secure recycling management.

**Key Features:**

- **Standard Wooden Lid:** The bench features a sturdy wooden lid that helps keep your recycling safe. Weather resistant.
- **Space-Efficient Design:** Perfect for limited spaces, this unit allows for the storage of large recycling bags on the top level with caddies organized neatly below.
- **Durability and Sustainability:** Crafted from 17mm finished timber, the bench is strong and durable. It’s built to last and is environmentally friendly, using no plastic in its construction.
- **Convenience and Protection:** The design prevents wind from scattering recyclables and keeps animals and pets away, ensuring your recycling area remains clean and organized. Bags are held open for easy sorting.
- **Dimensions:**
- Width: 124cm
- Height: 104cm
- Depth: 52cm

**Additional Benefits:**
- ♻️ Treated to enhance longevity.
- ♻️ Eco-friendly and crafted without the use of plastic.
- ♻️ Weather-resistant to stand up to various conditions.
- ♻️ Safe for children, pets, and wildlife.
- ♻️ Hand-built in Barry with meticulous attention to detail and quality.
- ♻️ Free delivery available in and around Barry. Delivery options to other areas are available upon request, and collection from Barry Island is also an option.

This Double Decker Recycling Bench is designed not only to make your recycling tasks easier but also to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your space. Whether you're dealing with household waste or managing recycling for a business, this is an excellent choice to keep your space organised and your recyclables secure. Invest in this reliable and practical solution today for a cleaner and more efficient tomorrow.



Black Bag Storage with EPDM lid

keep your Black Bags out of sight and away from animals 


Width 124cm

Depth 52cm

Height 52cm